If you have visited our website in the past few days you may have noticed it has a NEW look!!! I think we may have found a workable template for our current website in order to keep it where it's at and not lose any of our features. This new template features a nice simple, bright white background with black and grey accents. This helps our products stand out better. It also features advanced coding technology which will help with loading speeds, especially on mobile devices! 

It still has the left hand navigation on a computer so we didn't have to combine a lot of our categories. We also now have dropdowns for the sub-categories. I am still busy fixing all the categories and arranging them better. Today I started working on the Window Treatments category. I am breaking down the different types/sizes better and will be adding a shop all feature too! Trying to make it easier to find what you want. I hope to get this category updated today or tomorrow. 

I will also need to re-do a lot of our information pages and the terms & conditions page. A lot of this is outdated. I will be updating some of our policies & procedures when I do this. I am hoping to have this done next week sometime. 

I just wanted to provide a short update. I am still working on the NEW website but I am taking a break for a little bit to see how this works out. I think some of the old coding may have been the cause of a few of our issues. Should you experience any errors or problems using our current site please report them to us. We can't fix what we aren't aware of. Happy Shopping!!!